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About Andy
I'm  a freelance nature photographer, originally from Chrishchurch, New Zealand, currently living in Knapstad, Norway with my wife Mette and “our boy” Tarsan (see photo below).  
I specialise in wildlife, wilderness landscape and fly fishing photography. I have a B.Sc. Degree in Conservation & Ecology and am passionate about the protection and conservation of New Zealand’s and the world’s fragile natural environments.
I've spent time in the Shetland Islands, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, France, Finland, Poland, Sweden, India, South Africa, Botswana and England concentrating on photographing the wildlife and wilderness landscapes of these countries.
From a very young age my father introduced me to fishing and hunting and from that early exposure to the backcountry of New Zealand my love of nature and wildlife grew.
Not surprisingly with my background in fishing and hunting it was two of New Zealand’s leading photographers in these fields that really motivated me into nature photography. They were Les Hill (fly fishing photography) and Gordon Roberts (wildlife photography).
Fly fishing was the catalyst to start carrying a camera into the field on backcountry trips. Having spent hours pouring over Les Hill’s articles and books and looking in awe at his magnificent images, which captured the essence of being out in backcountry fly fishing.  It inspired me to try and do the same.
A chance meeting and talk in the early 1990’s with Gordon Roberts while hunting in the Southern Alps was the finally push that got me into wildlife photography and lead me to purchasing my first ‘big’ lens - a Tokina 400mm f/5.6 for NZ$800. (A lot of money at the time for a poor Uni. student).
It wasn’t long after that I hung up my rifle (more than 15 years ago now) and replace it with a camera and telephoto lens. While I seldom hunt anymore, I am still an extremely keen fly fisherman and always look forward to returning to New Zealand in the summer months and tramping up some of my favourite rivers and streams with my fly rod.
Having started out using slide film in the mid 1990‘s I changed completely to digital in 2004.  Currently I use a Canon 1Dx, 5D Mark III and various Canon L-Series lenses ranging from 17mm - 500mm.
My work  has been published around the world in various magazines, books, calendars, exhibit displays and for advertising purposes. Including: Craig Potton Calendars, NZ Fly Fishing Calendar, Science North (Canada) exhibit, US Fly Fisherman, Australian FlyLife, Villmarksliv (Norwegian magazine), Fish Game New Zealand, Troutfisher New Zealand, Rod & Rifle, New Zealand Fishing World, New Zealand Hunting & Wildlife magazines.
My work is represented by the stock agencies Nature Picture Library and Bird Imagency. My images can be licensed through them worldwide or alternatively directly from me.